about Dr Pridgeon

Dr John Pridgeon is a U.C.T. (University of Cape Town) Graduate, and works as a General and Aesthetics Practitioner in Private Practice in Gaborone, Botswana. He also graduated with a Diploma In Anaesthesia (S.A. College of Medicine), and he is currently a member of A.A.M.C.S.A. (Aesthetic and Anti - Aging Medicine Society of South Africa).

Dr John is registered as a medical practitioner in Botswana AND South Africa (if you need an SA prescription).

John is a Diplomate (he has earned The Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine) and member of the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, as well as belonging to the American Cosmetic Cellular Medicine Association.

Dr John is a medical practitioner that believes the cause of ANY and EVERY disease is very important (without knowing the cause you can never cure the patient!), which means he will probably spend more time looking for the cause of your problem than most other doctors will!

Dr Rabia Khan

Dr Rabia Khan is a Wits (The University of Witwatersrand) Medical School Graduate, and the mother of four lovely daughters. She also practises as a General Practitioner.

Dr Rabia has special interests in Paediatrics and Gynaecology, and runs the practice well woman and well child clinics, and a travel medicine clinic, as well as doing the usual GP work. So, Dr Rabia handles all of the girlie stuff , the breast examinations and Pap (Papanicolou) smears, as well as our well child examinations and vaccinations.

Please call reception to make sure we have your vaccine BEFORE you come to the surgery.

Children must be well, as sick kids cannot be effectively vaccinated...seroconversion, and the goal of developing a significant immunity, is adversely affected by other diseases being present at the time of vaccination.

Mrs Estony Pridgeon

Ms Estony Pridgeon is a businesswoman who, like husband John, has also found a new passion for aesthetics.

Together she and Dr John have built up the aesthetics section of this medical practice into what it is today. Their aesthetic clinic offers pretty much everything offered by similar medical aesthetic clinics anywhere in South Africa

Estony has become an accomplished aesthetician in her own right, and continues, like Dr John, to soak up the different available technologies used in aesthetiQue like the proverbial sponge!

Estony will be doing your skin treatments, she will give you good product advice, as well as a personalised skin treatment plan.

the surgery

The surgery is situated right next to Pharma South in Shop 31 (it has the same entrance), in the Kagiso Mall (next to the BBS Mall) section of the Broadhurst Shopping Centre. See link for the map to the surgery above.

Ivy Kruger and Glynis Chiswiti are our Receptionists, and are available on cell phone 76406207, and landline 3937479 to make your appointment for you.

They will also answer any queries you have regarding costs etc.

Glynis may be reached by emailing her at glynis@johnpridgeon.com.

Click here for a directional map to the surgery