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Aesthetique is a relatively new venture for Dr John and his wife Estony.

The intention here is to offer the people of Botswana everything that is currently available to the South African population, so watch this space ... and if you feel we need to know about something new that YOU have seen, please DO let us know, and we will endeavour to bring this technology to you.

We are both enjoying the capture of new knowledge of new techniques enormously, and are being constantly amazed by what is now available in the aesthetic arena.

This medical subspeciality is literally exploding, and we promise to keep abreast of developments in this exciting science.

What is obvious is that good health and looking good go hand in hand, by definition: the skin is indeed the window into our bodies.

Very important too, are the concepts of antiaging, diet and good nutrition, and clever cost effective supplementation.

Anyone who thinks our food offers everything we need in these biologically challenging times is simply misinformed, purposefully disingenuous, or just plain naive!

We offer cost effective solutions and treatments that are a fraction of the cost in neighbouring South Africa.