ascorbic acid a.k.a. the all powerful vitamin C

I consider vitamin C to be the most powerful treatment I have learned since my first day as a rookie medical student: ignore this page at your own peril!

The more I use this stuff the more in absolute AWE I am of it ... it virtually never fails to at least mitigate most diseases, and in some situations, it does the whole job. There are several reasons for this: vitamin C administered in high doses kills all types of bacteria, viruses, yeasts and fungi, and even worms. The father of high dose vitamin C, a brilliant American man called Dr Fred Klenner, established without any doubt whatsoever, that ascorbic acid was a phenomenal agent to use in all sorts of medical scenarios. So much so, that SOP at his hospital was that all sick patients received high dose IV vitamin C when they were seen in the ER. To this day I cannot quite believe that mainstream medicine ignored this medical giant, especially when his clinical experience showed that he CURED SIXTY CONSECUTIVE POLIO CASES!!! Incredibly, at the symposium where he shared his clinical experience, they preferred to talk about vaccines instead!




Inflammation is the term given to your body's response to a threat to your health. It is an uncontrollable and often excessive reflex action that involves the many species of white blood cells and their related forms, and the way they manage disease....there is always an out pouring of prostaglandins, SRS-A, and all sorts of other specific inflammatory chemicals (this is called a cytokine storm), along with gazillions of free radicals. Read more here.

Vitamin C mitigates this overreaction very powerfully. In ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome) for example, this storm fills the lungs with an inflammatory exudate, which literally drowns the critically ill patients in their own fluids, in their ICU bed! Additionally, with the Covid – 19 infection, a great deal of pulmonary fibrosis occurs injuring the lung tissues, which change means that without the ventilator the patients are unable to breathe for themselves.


That mainstream medicine does not incorporate HIGH DOSE, sufficiently long term vitamin C into most therapies is beyond me. Dr Fred Klenner's vast experience (see more VITAMIN-C-CLINICAL-GUIDE-TO-THE-USE-OF-FREDERICK-KLENNER-MD) shows the amazing versatility of this stuff. Of all of the anti-oxidants, vitamin C stands head and shoulders above the rest. Each molecule of vitamin C is able to quench (give electrons to) TWO free radicals, making it uniquely powerful in this regard. Additionally, ascorbic acid will donate its electrons more readily that other anti-oxidants and it therefore replenishes all of the other anti-oxidant systems.


The oft (perhaps better put using as always???) repeated mistake is to give TOO LITTLE vitamin C, too infrequently, for TOO SHORT a period of time … one needs to bear in mind that the half-life of ascorbic acid is less than an hour ...  oral hourly (or even more frequent) doses of 2 - 4,000 mg or more orally in a disease state, will not cause bowel symptoms. It is also poorly understood globally, that the more severe the condition, infection or disease, the higher the dose must be, and the longer the time that ascorbic acid (synonymous with vitamin C) must be given. It is CRUCIAL to continue the high dose vitamin C for 2 - 3 days after the injury. Doses may also be repeated (preferable) 2 - 3 times a day with good effect, and no fear of serious adverse events AT ALL except for a loose stool and some heartburn.


Try this therapy for any and all infections you may get in future, it has a very good chance of working ... talk about putting yourself out of business as a Doctor, right?

When you first fall sick take 6-8,000 mg as a single dose, then repeat this dose EVERY TWENTY MINUTES until your stomach starts to complain (winds, cramps, diarrhoea – this is called “reaching your bowel tolerance”) then take 2-4,000 mg HOURLY thereafter….and continue this dosage every hour until your symptoms have gone for 24 – 48 hours. Stopping too early can result in a relapse.


I have a few video links that will tell you more, but PLEASE understand that in Vitamin C you have a friend for all seasons, a treatment for virtually all conditions, and something that will prevent and reverse most of not all dread diseases.


Ascorbic acid was first “discovered” by Nobel Prize winner Albert Szent - Gyorgyi in the 30’s. Go toörgyi for more. Since then many “real” Doctors have used Vitamin C with great effect to treat myriads of conditions, and the data to support the use of high dose Vitamin C is simply OVERWHELMING. That they have been roundly ignored (and ridiculed) is no accident, no mistake, but a calculated move by powerful and sinister forces within our medical and governmental bodies so that we will continue to use high priced, less effective therapies developed by the pharmaceuticals. DO read the pdf article on Dr Frederick Klenner attached above, who was doing the impossible with high doses of vitamin C in the 1940’s – whose efforts again have been tragically ignored by mainstream medicine. He even treated SNAKE BITE successfully – it turns out that Mr C has a very strong toxin neutralising effect as well.


Anyone who says otherwise is either brain dead, or is being paid to diss what in my opinion must be THE greatest medical discovery known to man. Mainstream medicine wants us to look the other way, toward drug based therapeutic options for example. In March 2010, the use of IV treatments (chelation theraopy, bio-oxidation therapy, IV C / glutathione etc)  by non M.B.,Ch.B. doctors was outlawed in South Africa by the AHPCSA – for no reason whatsoever other than to limit the use of IV vitamin C and other IV therapies. No one was killed (unlike other "accepted evidence based medicine" therapies) and the results were good enough to keep patients returning for more .... I am smelling more and more rats these days!


Here is an interesting video about a Chinese vitamin C experience ... quite compelling I think.




Some Video Links to Help You Understand C Better

YOU be the judge… here are a few videos to whet your appetite, so enjoy and focus - they might be among the most important films you will ever watch!


There are a whole bunch of resources I would like to share with you to help you to get your head around C, which is hopefully by now your new best medical friend. Our numbers are increasing - enlightened Doctors and Patients all over the world believe in the magnicient power of this very simple, but SO misunderstood and vilified treatment. Hopefully the ghastly recent Covid - 19 experiences will speed up this understanding amongst my medical colleagues, and place oral and IV C at the top of the valuable treatment lists.

If you know anything about C and do not take it in meaningful doses and frequencies then, you neeed help!

We have an excellent psychiatric hospital near here, in Lobatse. 🙂

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