bio oxidation therapy

Oxygen is amazing stuff. Without doubt this therapy is one of the most powerful treatments available today...

Oxygen is our most necessary nutrient. If we are deprived of it for longer than 4 minutes, our brain starts to die, because of hypoxia.

 In places like Beijing and Tokyo, there are oxygen bars where you can walk in and buy breaths of it, to help cope with the dreadfully polluted atmosphere in those places. What have we done to our precious world?

And oxygen has other species, such as ozone O3, O4 and O8,which in and of themselves have amazing qualities and applications. Both hydrogen peroxide H2O2 , ozone O3 break down to form "singlet oxygen", which is the most powerful oxidising agent known to man.

Hydrogen peroxide is actually THE way your white cells kill all pathogens! Singlet oxygen punches its way through the protective cell walls of unprotected cells (our cells for exaple are protected from singlet oxygen by the enzymes catalase, SOD, and glutathione peroxidase), and destroys them.

Singlet oxygen (O.) has a single unpaired electron in its outermost shell, which makes it one of the most potent oxidising agents around, as it will pinch an electron from anything nearby...

It will kill every bug we know, and cancer cells too, as neither have those enzymes we mentioned above in their cell walls that will protect them from the singlet oxygen. Indeed it is H2O2 that is made by our white celll, that enables our immune systems to kill bacteria.

Normal healthy cells have various enzymes that protect them from the destructive action of singlet oxygen, which would otherwise oxidise elements in the cell walls, and blow holes through their cell walls and kill them, as it does viruses, bacteria and the like.

Bio Oxidation therapy may be delivered in many forms:

  1. ozone
  2. hydrogen peroxide

And these in turn may be given

  • topically
  • trans rectally
  • vaginally
  • intravenously
  • by inhalation (another form of topical application)

The NEW Chelation Miracle...

Botswana is lucky enough to have access to all of these forms of oxygen, and to the people who will give them to you ... I am able to give IV ozone, rectal ozone, IV hydrogen peroxide and Photoluminescence, combined with hydrogen peroxide.

Body Revival Botswana now has several ozone pods, where steam and ozone are mixed in a whole body sauna, so for your ozone pod treatments, please contact Pam Meyer 77032781, Jane Sher 72107532, and Yvette du Toit 72597711.

In South Africa, Colleen Faulconbridge at Body Revival in Illovo, Johannesburg, is wonderful Ozone Practitioner.

This rather long article by the world renowned Dr Saul Pressman will put ozone therapy in a better perspective.

There are lots of applications for Bio Oxidation therapy that you can explore.

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And there is a lot of benefit from using this stuff around the house as well. See what hydrogen peroxide can do in the domestic setting. It is totally underutilised, in my opinion.

If you are going to use H2O2 then please make sure it is "food grade", which is free of any industrial impurities, and therefore safe for use.