Cancer is not my friend. I have spent the last 30 years looking for ways to kill it dead.

I had my one and only brush with "The Big C", a deadly "small cell Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma", when I was a young, recently qualified Doctor.

It is very interesting being on the receiving end of my profession, I must tell you. A most unwelcome intrusion, to say the least...bone marrows, lumbar punctures, and the dreaded chemo can be fun, but only if you are into S&M!

I have yet to meet anyone who has had more chemo than I have. The then Head of the Joburg Gen Haematology / Oncology Unit prescribed a 28 month course of Chemotherapy, the so called " L2  Protocol" used for some leukaemias, and thereby saved my life

I was quoted as having a 7% chance of living for longer than 2 years! I did not buy any long playing records for a while.

Bless Professor "Bez" for his wonderful professional care. I owe him a great debt of gratitude for the 3 lovely kids, and the 30 years of good life I have been able to enjoy since my diagnosis, in July 1983.

A lot has changed since then.

I believe that the Oncology industry has become a bit of money spinner, and has lost the plot a bit.

If you are gonna get cancer, and one third of people do, then bring your cheque book...and maybe you will also need the shirt on your back.

Your surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy will only cost you about a quarter to half a bar, if you are lucky. That is not my problem though, if any treatment cures you, it is worth the loot. I owe my life to conventional cancer therapy.

However, in my opinion, what is NOT done well by my esteemed medical colleagues these days, is to give every patient a blunt, accurate, honest appraisal of their disease, and a practical solution to their problem.

If your disease has no statistical chance of being cured, or substantially improved by conventional therapy, then walk away. Try not to let your emotions blur cold, hard reason.

Because of poor choices, all too often people are sent home to die, after spending their life savings on a treatment that never really had any chance of improving their final outcome.

You have heard of this happening many times.

You will understand then why I have such a huge personal interest in defeating cancer.

Since my experience I have learned of several effective therapies that are worth trying.

They do not cost a lot, and they have been proven to be valuable. No guarantees. Same as the other stuff.

The Gerson system for example, offers a better than 50% CURE rate in people who have been discarded by modern medical practitioners after their ordeal with conventional therapy has failed.  

I offer most of them at my Gaborone clinic.

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 Perhaps YOUR sun does not have to set prematurely...