chelation therapy

Dr John is a member of the IBCMT, which is THE global chelation authority.

Go to and for more information. Only two Medical Doctors in Southern Africa are currently members of this distinguished authority.

Your metal burden may be well hidden, but can cause all sorts of nasty conditions:

Alzheimer's Disease
Atherosclerosis and Vascular Diseases
Attention Deficit Disorder
Cardiac Arrythmias
Coronary Artery Disease
Nerve Disorders
Parkinson's Disease
Psychiatric conditions
Stroke Disease

Mercury is the main offender, but lead, arsenic, aluminium, nickel and many others can cause havoc, especially if present in large amounts, or in combination with one another.

Chelation therapy is THE treatment of choice when acute mercury or lead poisoning has occurred, but is hardly ever considered as a reasonable therapy by conventional / mainstream medicine when chronic poisoning has occurred (and over time this is something that has happened to us all, just as any fish that has been examined by any health authority for the presence of mercury has been shown to contain significant amounts of this most toxic of heavy metals).

This latter truth is something I find to be inexplicable, and not a little alarming.

In my opinion, chelation therapy should be the treatment of choice for coronary artery disease, and stroke disease. Why wouldn't anyone avoid coronary artery bypass grafting, if a safe, effective, medical (non surgical) alternative existed? Well it does, and at a fraction of the cost! Side effects are minimal, and are only seen in about 20% of people being treated.

Chelation therapy is also very useful when people have troublesome disorders of their cardiac rhythms (atrial fibrillation for example), or high blood pressure.

One doctor, Dr Michael Cutler, is calling chelation therapy

The NEW Chelation Miracle...

The good news is that this treatment is now available right here in Gaborone!

So one single type of treatment can help you to prevent several diseases, and ameliorate many others. 

The most powerful form of chelation therapy is when multiple chelating agents are given intravenously, several treatments being given over a period of time.

Please do contact Ivy to get DVD's showing how chelation therapy is being used in the USA and Europe to treat conditions previously believe to be untreatable.

So DO read some of these articles, and discover the wondrous treatment that is available. We CAN undo the damage that the pollution of your body has caused. We CAN reverse the problems caused by these deadly metals.

The different toxic heavy metals are the "snakes in the grass" for us all - you cannot see them until they bite you - and they bite you hard!

In my opinion, this is the single biggest health problem we face: pollution, smoking, vaccinations, the air we breathe, and the food and water we consume all contribute to our total body burden of toxic metals.

Below I list many documents that will help you too, to recognise this massive threat to our health:

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And go to Wikipedia for some astonshing articles on Lead Poisoning and Mercury Poisoning - please acquaint yourself especially with the sections on how we become so thoroughly contaminated with these toxic heavy metals.