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Iodine is THE missing is my contention that iodine deficiency constitutes one of THE main cause for so many health issues. I believe that most, if not all, thyroid and breast problems stem from iodine deficiency.

And this deficiency is very well hidden. Do you know there is not one test available to me to test for iodine deficiency? If I want to do an iodine deficiency test I have to send urine to Germany! That is not very clever when the vast majority of Africans are likely to be very deficient.

When I first watched a DVD showing a lecture by Dr Sherri Tenpenny in October 2009, I nearly fell off of my chair.

"It cannot be that simple" was my first thought. After much research and reading, I have come to the conclusion that actually it is!

According to Dr David Brownstein, about 96% of the 30,000+ people he has tested for iodine deficiency up to about 2015 WERE iodine deficient. 96% of Americans - arguably the best nourished people on this planet! Heaven knows where Africa's peoples are in this respect. I hope to change this.

In my opinion this deficiency is one of THE most serious health issues we face today.

Certainly this very important deficiency has been causing problems in places like Indonesia - see this very interesting video.

Dr Tenpenny talks about iodine and diseases of the breast - this graph  shows that breast cancer is FIVE times more common in the USA when compared with Japan, where the average iodine consumption is a mere 1% of that found in Japan. There are additional health issues - the World Health Organisation has documented the incidence of goitre world wide, and a comparison of the TGP (Total Goitre Prevalence) between Botswana and Japan  shows that TGP in Botswana is as high as 41% in some areas, whereas in Japan goitre apparently DOES NOT EXIST!!!

Given that goitre will only occur when iodine deficiency is severe, this would indicate that the actual iodine deficiency figures in Botswana may well be similar to that found by Dr Brownstein in the USA.

In my opinion, ALL thyroid disease would be eradicated if we all were to take the "new" RDA of iodine, pegged by people much more clever than me at 12 - 50 milligrams per day, and not 150 micrograms as per the current conventional "wisdom" . This wisdom was developed using the first iodine trial by a certain Dr David Marine in 1916 - over 85 years ago - and we still use this flawed and outdated information to this day.

It is astonishing that in 2020 we still rely upon the (faulty) information developed nearly a century ago, when NHANES - a nutritional survey done in the USA every 4 years - shows iodine levels in America's population is getting progressively worse on iodated salt, which is the very flawed WHO solution to the global iodine deficiency.

To the iodine "specialists" in the World Health Organisation - please catch a wake up chinas!

Lugol's Iodine is the bees knees! Developed over 200 years ago by French chemist Jean Lugol, the recipe remains unchanged to this very day. He found the only way to dissolve elemental iodine I2 in water was to make a solution of potassium iodide KI first. The body actually needs both chemical forms, so this was lucky for mankind. Prior to the discovery of penicillin by Fleming in 1929, most doctors were using iodine to treat all infections, from malaria to TB!!!

The dose? We need 12-15 mg daily (2 to 2.5 drops) as a daily supplement, and if you want to treat a viral infetion (yes, Covid-19 too!) then I recommend 10 - 20 drops 3 - 4 times a day in a glass of filtered water. Up to 64,000 times (over 9 GRAMS) the RDA (which is a pathetic amount) is safe, so you can go big. The more the merrier. 🙂



So really, what we must decide, is who to believe: Dr David Marine, and his studies from 1915, or information developed  in this century...

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Additionally, we have a problem with Bromine, Fluoride and some Chlorine species. With Iodine supplementation these are dumped, or "salted out" when replaced by Iodine and this can cause a nasty reaction on occasions, not from exposure to the Iodine, but to these unhealthy Halogens as they are replaced and are set free to be excreted by the body. This is a typical detox reaction.

Lynne Farrow's book, "The Iodine Crisis" is an excellent Kindle book that interested people can read, it is available here.

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