natural hormone supplementation

The father of Natural Hormonal Supplementation, Dr John R. Lee, is one of my medical heroes.

He stood alone, ridiculed by pretty much the entire medical fraternity, amidst huge oppostition from virtually everyone.

This man realised the value of using bio-identical or natural hormones to treat hormone deficiencies and imbalances. More may be learned about him at

Using bio - identical hormones, a HUGE number of common, everyday, and seemingly - resistant - to - treatment - by - conventional - means problems may be resolved, simply by treating the deficiency, or perhaps better put, by rectifying the imbalance.

This supplementation is not to be confused with the treatment of peri- and post-menopausal women with altered hormone analogues, or hormones made from pregnant horses' urine, called HRT.

Just a thought: when your car runs out of petrol, what do you put into its petrol tank? Do you look for another type of fuel? Do you design a study, and spend a LOT of money to find out what other fuel you can use? Of course not! That is being industrially stupid. So why, when we run out of our normal natural  hormones, do we Doctors look for another type of hormone to use? This does not make any sense, right? Then why is exactly this scenario the medical norm?

So, the ubiquitous use of HRT by GP's and Specialist Doctors alike, is an anthema to me. It has to be the result of a total lack of understanding of the human endocrine system, or of near total brainwashing by the manufacturers of these dangerous, and often deadly drugs. It is no concidence that the seven - fold increase in the incidence of breast cancer coincides exactly with the onset of the use of hormone analogues contained in HRT and the contraceptive pill.

One has to literally forget, or disregard, all known human hormone physiology to use anything except bio-identical hormones on human patients.

If a hormone is altered, even minimally, its physiological action is changed radically. One only has to compare the structures of oestrodiol (the main female oestrogen) and testosterone (the main male androgen) to see what I mean. In fact all of the "steroid" hormones have very similar structures, so one has to be very careful when altering these in any way.

Below find internet references to other sites and authors that are concerned about the use of altered hormone analogues, or hormones made from urine collected from bags that hang off the backsides of pregnant mares:

Surviving Menopause and HRT by Dr Mercola

Breast Cancer Rates fall OFF HRT by Dr Mercola

Oestrogen Replacement Therapy by Dr Mercola

Here are a few articles to help you make sense of the use of bio identical progesterone cream:

I am (unapologetically) an outspoken proponent of progesterone.

I have been using it on myself, my family and my patients for over a decade. It has never caused anyone any harm (it is the only hormone that is freely available over the counter), and while some may have to look very hard for any improvement (although things like their bones and other tissues are getting unnoticeably stronger and healthier all of the time), others are literally gob-smacked by its beneficial effects, and critical of their previous health providers for not using it prior to their meeting me ... and Dr John R. Lee must get the credit here, not I.

Recently one of my patients asked me to arrange for the removal of both of her breasts because of her unbearable pain, that the 4 previous Doctors could not help her with. After about 5 days of progesterone, she was completely pain free! But I concede this was an unusually good result.

Oestrogen dominance is the underlying cause, and anyone reading this passage would do well to scrutinise the very complete article I provide here , courtesy of Dr Michael Lam, to understand what is one of the most fundamental issues in their lives.

 If you suffer from any of the following, you will do well to pay more attention to the use of progesterone in your future life:

  • PMS and any Menstrual Problems
  • Endometriosis
  • Any Ovarian Issues
  • Any Breast Disease
  • Infertility

Some have apparently tried progesterone unsuccessfully, but I would ask you revisit this course of therapy using a double or triple dose for at least 6 months, before discarding the use of progesterone as a cure for your problem. And I do not use the "c" word lightly!