photoluminescence, biophotonic therapy, or ultraviolet blood irradiation (ubi)

Biophotonic Therapy (BPT) is also known by other names such as Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI) Photoluminescent Therapy, Photopheresis, Photodynamic therapy.

This is a process of exposing blood to ultraviolet light rays to stimulate the immune system to destroy any and all pathogens, no matter if they are viral, bacterial or fungal.

So...........What Does Photoluminescence Do?  

  • Kills Bacteria and Viruses in the blood and supercharges the immune system 
  • Improves Circulation, by causing generalised vasodilatation - it may be useful in the management of senile dementia, where blood flow to the brain is diminished by artherosclerotic plaque
  • Improves Oxygenation of tissues
  • May help cure Auto Immune Diseases (there are apparently over 90 varieties of these, and they are getting commoner by the day!)
  • Has a Balancing effect on physiological processes, and natural hormone production (homeostasis) 
  • Reduces tissue pain
  • Increases tolerance of the body for radiation or chemotherapy
  • Affords Cardiovascular protection through increased metabolism of cholesterol, uric acid, and glucose
  • Has Anti - Inflammatory effects, may help arthritis
  • Is useful for the treatment of Dermatitis, Eczema and other skin conditions, especially those that are refractory to treatment
  • Powerful anti - infection properties - may be used to treat acute illnesses like influenza, herpes zoster, and other viral infections
  • Stimulates the production of red blood cells
  • Improves in the flow and properties of the blood

BPT is a time tested therapy - in use for over 70 years by physicians all over the world. There are no known serious side effects The therapy creates a strong immune response that is regarded as an "autogenous vaccine".  There have been over 1 million treatments given with no adverse event being ever recorded, apart from a flushing of the skin...! How's that for safe?

Toxins from microbes, plants, insects, and animals are all seemingly cleared from exposing the blood to UV rays. Toxins from ricin, tetanus, botulism, snake venom, bee stings, bacterial invasions are inactivated by this treatment.

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The Procedure

Blood (40 - 100ml) is withdrawn from your arm using a butterfly needle and tubing.   This same blood is then run through a device which exposes the blood to the controlled ultraviolet rays.

Then, after your blood has been exposed to the UVA and UVC light, it is returned to your own vein and bloodstream in a closed, sterile loop system.

In the process the smaller bacterial and viral cells are targeted and absorb five (5) times as much photonic energy as their healthy counterparts. The healthy cells remain intact while the disease cells are killed and become antigenic. An "autogenous (self - generated) vaccine" is thus produced, where antibody production against the offending antigen is stimulated.

For acute infections a course of 2-3 treatments is recommended, and for chronic illnesses up to 10 treatments may be given. 


When this "autogenous vaccine" is re - infused with the photonic energy given off by the UV light treated blood, the remaining microbes in the patient's bloodstream are rapidly destroyed via an "induced secondary immune reactivation."

This treatment is now available at Dr John Pridgeon's Clinic

Additionally, I will add food grade hydrogen peroxide to the treatment, making this therapy even more potent ... the treatment takes about an hour.

After this very simple intravenous procedure, your bodily systems will work better, with a new supercharged immune response, and additionally the improved oxygenation will have a balancing effect on your system.

Click here  for a list of diseases that may be treated using Photoluminescence.

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