p - shot (priapus shot)

This is SOON to be offered by Dr Pridgeon at aesthetiQue.

Sexual function in men declines as they age.

There are many reasons for this, hormonal decline, stress, medications etc, but one of the main reasons is the actual atrophy of the penile tissues.... you may be interested to know that by the time a man has reached 50 years of age, he has lost more than half of these tissues - it is no wonder that erections become more and more difficult to achieve and maintain.

Not everyone will know that the structures within the penis are indeed quite complex, and that these get thinner and less functional over time. Gone are the days of being able to hold up your towel with an erect penis once you hit the forties!

There are very few ways that one can reverse this aging trend, but the P - Shot is one.

Injection of PRP into the penile shaft, and into the glans penis will help to restore the structure of this organ, which is vital for a healthy sexual relationship.

Additionally, this treatment may add a little to penile length and girth. Practitioners with good experience with this way of augmenting penile function say a 90% improvement in function per injection may be expected.

The effect should last for years, but if they do not, top up injections may be given.

The P Shot is also very useful in the treatment of Peyronie's Disease, where the penis becomes deformed and painful over time, because of the growth of fibrous tissue in the penis.

The Priapus Shot is becoming quite well known....its novel idea that seems to have captured the imagination of a lot of people since it was "invented" a few short years ago.

A visit to the P Shot website offers a wealth of information, and access to interviews, videos and more.

It was offered, together with the O Shot, a simlar procedure performed on women to imprive sexual function, and fix urionary incontinence, at the Oscars this last year, which created quite a stir...

There are a couple of videos that you might want to watch