prp for hair restoration

PRP therapy opens up many possibilities for the aesthetic: one of them is hair restoration....if you are IN THE PROCESS of losing your hair, it is quite possible to stop and reverse this process. If your hair is long gone, this treatment is not going to help that much.

It almost sounds like a science fiction scenario, but hair restoration and regrowth is one of PRP's mast amazing qualities.

The treatment involves a combination of deeper intradermal injections coupled with microneedling. Several treatments may be required to achieve a satisfactory end point.

And for those of you reading this who are a Type A personality, recovery takes time!

Women go bald too!

The pattern is quite different to the so called "androgenic alopecia" that men have, and loss is generally central, but may be anywhere, or even generalised. 

Likewise alopecia areata (a spot of hair loss) may be treated in the same way.

A unique problem that our African ladies have is "traction alopecia", where due to the nature of the hairdo, and the serious pulling involved, and sometimes simply from hair brushing, hair is lost on the side of, and above the face, causing a dramatically receding hairline...

And obviously they need to STOP pulling on their hair if they expect to achieve and sustain astonishing results!!!

The first thing one of my patients did when their hair returned, was to get braids done!!!