skin and dermatology

Dr John does not claim to be qualified as a specialist dermatologist.

However, in over 30 years of practising medicine, he has developed a huge interest in skin, and the diseases affecting it.

In addition, he has developed the surgical skills needed to allow him to excise and repair unwanted and dangerous skin lesions using local anaesthetic, at his surgery, with good cosmetic results.

Additionally, he can perform cryotherapy using the state-of-the-art Cryopen that uses NO nitrous oxide which boils @ -89 degrees Celsius (liquid nitrogen has a much lower boiling point that liquid Nitrogen @ -196 deg C, so NO is less traumatic and therefore aesthetically superior as it causes less post treatment scarring)

Another means of getting rid of tenacious skin lesions (especially warts) is hyfrecation, or electrical cautery (burning), but this CAN cause scarring so it usually reserved for larger warts that stubbornly resist cryotherapy.

Recently Plasma Therapy has been added to his list of treatment modalities. The HUGE advantage of this procedure is that scarring is kept very much to a minimum.

so bring me your skin

Dr Pridgeon is happy to help you with:

Hyperpigmentation - chloasma and melasma may be efficiently treated using hydroquinoine and peels.

Acne - anyone who scars because of this disease has been neglected

Lesions that bleed and scab for longer than 10 days (a bad sign!)

Moles - melanoma should be excluded in any dark skin lesion

Dermatitis Papulosa Nigra - a common condition in coloured people, where they have dozens of small moles on their faces - treated effectively and without scarring by using Plasma Therapy


Skin cancers - Basal Cell Carcinomas are especially common in Botswana

Skin tags - these irritating thingies can be quickly and easily removed

Sun spots - also called solar or actinic keratoses

Click here to read a small article about how to identify suspicious pigmented skin lesions as being a problem