thermography treatments


Thermology of Thermal Imaging is an evaluation of the levels, patterns and behavior of the skin’s temperature. To achieve a meaningful evaluation, you should avoid conditions that would cause artificial influences. Please fill out your patient history forms prior to your appointment and contact our office with any questions you might have that are not covered here.


The typical frontal breast thermogram view looks like this - each colour variation (16 of them, from red to blue, like the colours of the rainbow ) shows a change of skin temperature of 1/2 a degree Celsius:

Thermography is, unlike conventional mammography, quick, painless, and does not constitute any risk at all for the development of cancer.

Mammography on the other hand, exposes your body to a dose of radiation that can be 1,000 times greater than a chest x-ray, which we know poses a definite cancer risk.  In addition, thermography can pick up abnormal breast lesions 6 – 7 years before they become malignant!  Now THAT is pretty cool, wouldn't you say?

No other screening method offers such a wide leeway in terms of the therapeutic options that become available when cancer is discovered so early: a breast that is identified as abnormal can be serially screened every 3 or so months (note the changes / increased temperature seen in the upper part of the right breast), and further testing can commence at a time when completely different interventions may be used.

The mammogram in this particular patient only showed a detectable lesion after the last picture was taken, a full 12 months after something has been picked up by the thermography...