breast health screening

Thermography, or DITI (digital infared thermal imaging) is, or should be the gold standard for breast screening.

When it comes to breast health, women and men should explore safe screening alternatives……..NO RADIATION. Every mammogram increases your chances of breast cancer by 2 - 20%, depending upon your genetics!

A little known fact is that mammograms are practically useless for examining young breasts (under 40) - they simply cannot "see" through the dense breast tissue! Thermography and ultrasound are the ONLY screening methods that should be used if you are under 40.

Thermography is an excellent breast health screening tool, currently being recognized as the gold standard for helping women maintain healthy breasts by monitoring for changes over time. Thermography is a safe, non-invasive (does not damage cells or DNA) test that takes less than 30 minutes.

It is a valuable and painless procedure that alerts you and your doctor to the breast changes, so you can prevent problems later.

Thermography detects and records subtle physiological changes that cannot be seen with any other imaging test. These subtle changes are the earliest signs of breast disease.

Thermography will pick up pathological breast changes SIX YEARS BEFORE THEY BECOME CANCER!!! This means there is time to avoid and change the things causing the cancerous breast changes, AVOIDING CANCER ALTOGETHER! No other screening method offers this window of opportunity.

One of the benefits of Thermography screening is the opportunity for safely monitoring the breasts in addition to self-examination, doctor examination or the use of mammography alone.

Thermography is highly accurate for safely screening women with:

  • Dense breasts
  • Large breasts
  • Sensitive breasts
  • Lumpy breasts
  • Implants

Thermography also has the added benefit of evaluating all areas of the breasts and lymph areas, not usually seen with other tests.

All Thermography screenings are performed by a female technician certified in clinical thermography. Reports will be interpreted by MD’s specifically trained in medical thermology.

Want to know more? Here is a review of breast thermography

Breast Thermography has NO THREAT OF CANCER CAUSING RADIATION and is 100% safe and painless. Since it is a preventative screening no referral is necessary.

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