our testimonials

I've been a patient of Dr Pridgeon for years and will continue to be one . He has seen me through various crises and has always been marvellously supportive. He interacts with his patients via email and sends pertinent articles as well. I have found him to be knowledgeable about alternative and natural treatments as well as conventional treatments. He is innovative and approachable.

Wendy Watt-Pringle

I have been a patient on the Doctor’s books for over twenty years.

He has the valued quality of whilst always being thoroughly professional , of immediately putting the patient at ease with his engaging and taciturn demeanour. Critically for me, he takes the time to explain what the malady maybe, what remedies he advocates and what to expect in respect of recovery and time frames?

If ever in any doubt, he is available to take your call.

Aiden Rose

As  a colleague and friend of Dr Pridgeon I can honestly say this is the most compassionate doctor. He listens with care. He administers with efficiency and always has his patients best interest at heart.

I would always recommend him to my patients and of course would only ever use him as my own GP. His wealth of knowledge always astounds me and I keep learning from him every time we meet.

My respect for this amazing man knows no limits.

Colleen Faulconbridge

Doctor John has been my doc for over 30 years.  Amazingly, I am still alive.

He's a great personable Doctor who knows what he doesn't know, researches it, and comes back with the answers.  He's doctored my wife and two boys, since before they were born.  Terrible sense of humour, but a big heart.

Grant Buckmaster

Dr Pridgeon has been our family doctor for many years - he is a great doctor and we are so grateful to have him in Botswana. He takes a genuine interest in his patients and the time to talk and explain things properly. Our family will never forget how instrumental he was in saving my brother’s life when he contracted malaria. This is the man you want at your side when the chips are down.

Anthony Frohlich

Dr John Pridgeon has been a friend and a family doctor for over 30 years in  Francistown and Gaborone. We have always found him to be competent,

reliable and professional in his medical profession. He has always made himself readily available for emergencies. We have

always enjoyed the reassurance of his professional manner and sound advice.

We thank him for being there for us and we have no hesitation in highly recommending him.

Louis Mynhardt and family

I have been Dr Pridgeon’s patient for many years and cannot recommend him highly enough.

He is empathetic, has a great sense of humour, is very approachable and extremely clued up on both allopathic and alternative medication and he will always try and find the very best solution for one’s illness, that will benefit the body to the maximum, with the least amount of side effects, from any medication he may recommend.

After having been with many other GP’s, over many years, I can only say that, for me, he is at the top of his game and one of the best, most thorough GP’s I have had the pleasure of consulting.  I highly recommend him, whatever the malady.

Barbara David-Andersen

John has been my GP for many years. He is like the old doctors of yore, who does minor surgery as well. He has an excellent bed side manner, John also takes the time to explain what the diagnosis is and the treatment thereof. John does not expert on with things that are beyond his knowledge, he refers you to a specialist.

William H. McLellan